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Over 5,000 dealerships reflecting the voice of our customers, representing all major vehicle manufacturing brands spanning 50 states, are calling on President Biden to hit the brakes on the proposed Electric Vehicle Mandate.  Add your dealership name to the letter using the form below.  

3/20/2024 Update

In November of 2023, a letter was sent to President Biden signed by nearly 4,000 dealerships, representing every major auto brand and all fifty states. The letter asked the President to “tap the brakes” on proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations that would mandate a dramatic shift to battery electric vehicles (BEVs), increasing year after year until 2032, when two out of every three vehicles sold in America would have to be battery electric.  

In January, over 5,000 dealerships signed on to a second letter, which stated, “It is uncontestable that the combination of fewer tax incentives, a woefully inadequate charging infrastructure, and insufficient consumer demand makes the proposed electric vehicle mandate completely unrealistic.”

Today, the EPA released the final greenhouse gas rule for model years 2027-2032. On the positive side, the regulations have been softened in the early years from 2027-2030 in recognition of the slowing growth of EV sales.  

However, the regulations still would require an increase in sales of electric vehicles that is far beyond the consumer interest we are experiencing at our dealerships. Despite generous government, manufacturer and dealer incentives, our customers continue to bypass EVs over concerns about affordability, charging infrastructure, performance in cold weather, and resale value. Worse still, the regulations spike in 2031-32 and revert to the unrealistic mandate that essentially requires that two-thirds of all vehicles sold be electric.

This EV mandate is not the result of an open Congressional debate. This is unelected Washington bureaucrats dictating what kind of vehicles Americans can buy.

We agree with NADA and urge the Administration to track EV sales versus projections and make necessary adjustments to reflect consumer demand.

We can take some solace in knowing that the voice of our customers broke through enough to convince the Biden Administration to moderate the mandate in the early years. But sadly the regulation stubbornly hangs on to an EV mandate that is clearly disconnected from the realities of the marketplace and the voice of the customer.

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